Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Send Photos of Your Decorated Hearing Aid(s)!

I will be happy to post photos of people's decorated hearing aids. (Please don't damage your aid by festooning it!)


christina said...

I am a hearing aid wearer of 28yrs
I have been wearing them since I was three.

I liked your Washington post story
The only thing that I appose of it, is the fact that "hearing aids R cool"
I use to wear the behind the ear aids for 20yrs. Those are not something I would have my child wear. They are a sure sign of non normalcy. Being different is something a child does not want to experience. I was not happy at all; I was different and was not greeted with kind words. I was made fun of most of my life and wouldn’t want that experience to be taken lightly.
Now days with all the technology and resources, there should be no reason, why a person has to show the world that they are different or have a handicap.

MB said...

My daughter wears behind the ear hearing aids as do many of her HOH friends. That is what she needs to hear, so whether they are "cool" is the least of our worries. She wears colored molds and can wear her hair down if she wants. For some these are the only option.