Sunday, July 28, 2013

Here's Tikka, my interpreter-bird.  She sits on my shoulder, and tells me what she hears.  Her hearing is exquisite.  Her vocabulary consists of about 7 words and 15 other sounds, including the hawk-alert sound and the "pay attention to me" incessant, increasingly-urgent click.  But she makes the most of what she has to work with, and if all else fails, she bites my earlobe.  At which point I turn to look at her, and she says, "What?"

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Shadow said...

Hi Tikka,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I alert my person to a lot of things, too, even though she doesn't use hearing aids. But she doesn't hear or see everything I do, like the time the hawk landed in the driveway and the time the fox ran by the window. There are so many predators around!