Monday, October 20, 2014

Finger-Wag of the Week

Oprah's channel, OWN, broadcast and interview by her of Pema Chodron on Sunday.
The captions were pretty accurate.
But they were so out-of-phase with the speech that they were basically useless for someone who is listening and reading at the same time.  Major-channel captions are almost always in synch for this reason.  And the FCC rules say they have to be.


Anonymous said...

You should try living in the UK, our 'live' closed captions on news and sporting events are unbelievably bad. Both inaccurate and miles behind.

However, due to our lovely NHS I was able to enjoy the Wimbledon tennis without them, due to a shiny new pair of, appropriately, purple hearing aids.

kwren said...

I've actually filed complaints with the Federal Communications Commission about late and wildly inaccurate captions. Is there an FCC-equivalent there? And congrats on the purple hearing aids...the temptation to hide hearing loss, and aids, is not really helping to get over the stigma....IMHO>