Wednesday, April 29, 2009

H.I.M. = "Hearing-Impaired Moment"

You've heard of Senior Moments? Had one or two? You might get a kick out of the "" where you can share your own or chuckle at other peoples'.
Well, today I coined a new acronym: Hearing-Impaired Moment (H.I.M.). It's when someone says something, and you hear something completely different, and continue to listen to them, trying your very best to make some sense out of it. A Pilates instructor told me a good one today:

"A friend was telling me a story about what happened to her the other night. At one point, she said, "And then "nature called." I heard "And then Rachel called." So, there I am, listening to the rest of the story, and it's not really making any sense, so finally, I ask, "Who's Rachel?" She said, "Rachel who?" Well, that was good for a laugh!"

Do you have an HIM you'd like to share?

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