Monday, May 26, 2014

New Hearing Aids Diary, week three

My right aid was sounding very clogged, so I took out the wax protector, replaced it, and the new one fell off.  Couldn't tell if it was in my ear canal or on the floor of my hotel room.  They are, literally, the size of a pinhead.  They come with special tiny devices to remove and replace them.  Maybe part of the problem was that I didn't have one of those devices with me, so I had to use a corkscrew instead.  Kind of a blunt instrument, in that context.  I'm not telling my audiologist; she'll get mad at me.  Good thing I always travel with a corkscrew in my luggage!  I guess.

Also, everything was really loud, including all varieties of background noise.  When I talked to my sister in the car, the volume would soar way way up, and then ramp back down gradually....... until I started talking again.  I had to go back to my previous aids until I saw the audiologist. She got on the phone with tech support and made some changes that solved most of the problems (a few are left, but none as irritating as that).

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