Wednesday, June 18, 2014

iPhone 6 and accessibility

Just filed this report with the FCC:

"I have read that Apple is going to discontinue the audio jack on the iPHone 6.  This will make it impossible for me, and many others, to use the phone with a neckloop and T-coils in our hearing aids.  This will make the iPhone inaccessible to those who can only use it in this way.  here is a link to an article about the change:
...and here is an article (on the right side) about how we use the smartphone and its audio jack with our hearing aids to make phones calls, etc.
By the way, bluetooth is not anywhere near as good in terms of speech clarity."


Shastar said...

Should we file multiple complaints to FCC? I have been holding off getting iPhone till number 6 is released.

Brandon Withem said...

Bluetooth's current standards offers excellent quality. Otherwise hearing people would not be utilizing such technology in a widespread application, most notably the new PlayStation 4 console. It is the hearing aid and/or possibly the accessory that is not offering audio quality. Phonak offers accessories with some of their lineup that eliminates the need of audio jacks, and still offer great speech clarity. Audio jacks are a blast from the past, and an obsolete technology that is going the way cassette tapes did. :-) So to those people still using audio jacks, get with the program and move on to better technologies.

kwren said...

I use Phonak BT-compatible aids, and the extra hardware and programming to use them with BT devices. have you tried them?