Friday, June 20, 2014

New Hearing Aid Diary, Week 6

Things seem to be humming along, except when they're not.  Odd effects like almost no volume in one ear when I turn it on first thing in the morning.  And only one aid giving the sound cue when I switch programs. 
So far, they don't seem to be drowning in sweat, which there is plenty of in my ears....this is Williamsburg, VA, and it's summer.
My audiologist is getting a new/different receiver for my right ear, which is the one with the tiny canal that does a 90-degree turn right inside the entrance.  It's a stretch to expect the receiver-in-canal style of aid to work in such a tight space.

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Jade Graham said...

, you will see that it changes color, too. So the pictures have been manipulated. gladys